Wednesday, June 26, 2013

[life] Lake Livin'

If you did not know already, Nate has a boat. Yes... I'm a pastor's wife AND a boater's wife! He adores his "baby" and loves to go out on the water to catch bass. Tonight, we had a mini "date night" and headed to the lake about 30 minutes away from our house for time on the water (me) and time to fish (him). Yes, I don't like to fish.  Who's surprised? I'm not!

[he was going really fast!!! although to him, he wasn't. ha!]

Does your hubby have a man-ish activity that you try to take part of? I'll be honest, I like being on the water, in the sunshine, getting my tan on. However, the fast speeding boat and yucky fish, not my scene. But it was fun to see my hubs in action!

Happy Wednesday! Or see Nate's favorite commercial... it's HUMPPPP DAAAYYY!

"'Come, follow me,' Jesus said, 'and I will send you out to fish for people.'" Mark 1:17


  1. i want a boat!! not the fishing part though! :) or the upkeep of a boat either!

  2. I would love to own a boat but not for fishing reasons, haha. Love that you take part in doing things he enjoys :)

    That's with me and rugby. Sean loves it and I can do without but it's nice to see him in his element and doing something he love :)

    Have a great weekend!


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