Monday, May 26, 2014

[love] Dave Matthew's Band Concert #17

 17. Attend a Dave Matthews concert with Nate (we went to two of his concerts before Nate and I were married but haven't been to one since).
Completed Friday, May 16th, 2014 at the Cynthia Woods Pavilion in The Woodlands, TX

For Valentine's Day, I "surprised" Nate with tickets to see his favorite band ever in concert.

Okay, okay... so I actually told him that's what I wanted his present to be, and that he needed to go online to select seats and buy them. Ha! I mean, we share a banking account. He would've seen the purchase anyways. AND I wanted to make sure he got the seats he wanted!

So immediately after school that Friday, we made the 2 hour drive to The Woodlands to see Dave. This tour was different in that he would be doing an acoustic set along with his regular show. We weren't sure what this meant... would he perform acoustic/full band songs mixed together, or do acoustic first and then full band?

We quickly found out.

The concert started at 7pm and we got there around 7:15pm... Sun was still out (this was at an outdoor arena), people were milling about getting drinks and snacks... We went to the restroom as soon as we got in. Once coming out, we were greeted by Nate's cousin and his girlfriend (we weren't sitting with them, but met up with them just for a moment) who were exclaiming, "He's on!!! Dave's already ON!" We were so confused but immediately found our seats so we could watch and listen.

Normally, Dave has an opening act and then he comes on around 8:30ish. Not this time: his acoustic set was the opener. As in, HE WAS HIS OWN OPENER. I'm sorry, but I think only a boss does that.

It was such a good show! The sounds, the lights, the atmosphere. Wow. We would (and will) definitely see him again!

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