Monday, June 2, 2014

[travel] Overnight Stay in Fredericksburg, TX

Last Friday and Saturday, we reunited with our dear friends Sam and Scott to spend the evening/day in Fredericksburg, Texas. We wanted to get away for the Memorial weekend, but since both Nate & Scott are in the ministry, our weekends equal Friday-Saturdays. We still made the most of it though!

This town is small but touristy thanks to its antique shops on Main St. (and elsewhere) plus its many wineries about town. Since we only had from 5pm Friday night until 3pm Saturday afternoon, our time and activities were limited. Here's what we did!

We ate dinner at Hondo's on Main St: there was live music (although we didn't stay to listen), yummy Rum Punch, and terrific BBQ which is what Nate and I both ordered!

 Pulled pork and smashed potatoes: yum!

Strolling along Main St. after dinner. We were stuffed!

They were also having a crawfish festival in their main plaza. Live music, rides, food, and more!

We enjoyed our ice cream dessert at Clear River on Main St.!

Adorable stores on Main St.

Day two: the boys went golfing early in the AM (suckers), so Sam and I went shoppinggg! I promise she isn't taller than me, I was just slouching!

Our favorite store in Fredericksburg was called "Smitten". SUCH cute stuff without all of the digging and whatnot that normally goes on at antique stores!

I have this EXACT cookie jar at my parents house! My grandfather had it when I was little and wrote my name on the bottom so everyone would know that it was for me :) My parents now have it, but I found another one at an antique store in FTX. Such a crazy, random coincidence! 

On our way out of Fredericksburg, we stopped by Luckenbach, TX (very popular, TEENSY tiny town that many Texas country artists reference in their songs). Anyways, they were having some event there, so we decided to at least drive through... and this was their "Parking" sign. Oh Texas.

My darling and I

A little boy at the crawfish festival was passing out beads. We sure did get some!

There's an adorable shop on Main St. called "Dogologie" which sells all things pup: they had the CUTEST baked dog treats for $1-$3, depending on size. I got the pups 6 sweet treats as their souvenirs. They loved them!

Any other Texans visit Fredericksburg? It was our first time and we really enjoyed it, although we felt like we didn't get to experience it much. Our anniversary (5 years, whaaa!) is next Friday, so we may go back for the weekend. Possibly see a show, do more shopping, and of course more eating!

Happy Monday! Don't stress this week: look at what God's Word says about fear when we seek Him!

"I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears." Psalm 34:4


  1. Yum, the food looks so good.
    I love that you got souvenirs for the fur babies, so cute!

    Looks like a great time!
    And happy early anniversary!

  2. ooh that bbq looks so good! and those pup treats are so cute


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