Friday, May 30, 2014

[Friday Favorites] Backyards

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"Friday Favorites" is when I go through my Pinterest boards and share the things I have loved for a specific topic. This week's theme is BACKYARDS since summer is here! I am so ready to get the ball rolling with our backyard landscaping and turning it into a place where we can entertain this summer.

Here are five of my favorite ideas to incorporate into a backyard space this summer: use the links below to go to the image's source (please "pin" from the original source and NOT from my page)

[one] Use pallet boards and pavers to create an easy DIY bar 

[two] Use glow in the dark paint to naturally light up your walkway at night (from Residence Blog)

[three] Lights, small table with chairs, beautiful stone "floor": easy essentials for a backyard dining space (from Apartment Therapy)

[four] Use metal poles, galvanized buckets, and string lights to create whimsical lighting for your backyard space that is both practical and beautiful (from Martha Stewart)

[five] Create a fun way to show your family's favorite places to travel (this gal even makes them for you! visit her Etsy shop: from Fresh Picked Whimsy)

All of these ideas (and more) can be found on my Outdoor Living Pinterest Board. How about your backyard? Are you coming up with new and improved ideas to brighten up your space for summer? Do tell: I love me a good backyard idea!

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