Monday, February 16, 2015

[fashion] Outfits 9-14

Time for another weekly update with our #shopyourclosetremix with Caitlin at Greater than Rubies!

This week was full of fails and random pairings... but, like Caitlin says, TRY IT ON before you judge. Well, now I'm judging, Ha! But there were some cute combos too. Onward!

Day 9: red pant + chambray (we were challenged to wear a belt this day... not sure how I feel about it!)

Day 10: chambray + crochet top + crop jeans. We had to re-wear an item from the day before! I thought the red pants would be a bit obvious, so I opted for the chambray. What a random pairing... definitely not a fan!

Day 11: crop jeans + black floral. I definitely liked this outfit from the week! I'm all about sheer and flowy tops, but I have learned to add a "completer" piece to outfits... since it was 70+ degrees this day (thanks Texas!), I used a lightweight black scarf.

Day 12: black pant + white tee + denim jacket. Another fan favorite! Simple. Neutral. Classic.

Day 13: plaid shirt + black cardigan + jeans. I'm indifferent to this outfit. The plaid is cute, but I think the cardigan paired with it looks a bit funny. Also, I should have #putacuffonit (my jeans).

Day 14: Happy Valentine's Day! And no, no red or pink from me. We were encouraged to copy a look from Pinterest, so I paired crop jeans + white tee and added a gray scarf. I liked this look and got lots of compliments on my scarf (it's from S. Korea)

How do you use completer pieces (scarf, cardigan, jacket, belt)? Again, not a fashion blogger or pro photographer by any means, but my girls and I are still having a blast with this challenge!


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  1. My favorite is the black floral top with the black scarf. Looks like you're doing great with this remix!


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