Monday, February 9, 2015

[fashion] Shop Your Closet Looks 1-8

[for more info as to what the heck "Shop Your Closet" is, refer to my last post here]

One week down, gals! My girlfriends and I have had a blast shopping our closets for unique outfits that we normally would not have paired together. We are using prompts from Caitlin at Greater than Rubies to come up with these new pairings (you don't HAVE to use the prompts, they are just an extra challenge). Want to see what I mean? Keep reading!

Day one: Wear a pattern and color. I paired a chevron flowy blouse (pattern) with black pants (color). I liked this look: it wasn't too hard to pair together and it was comfortable (sorry for the awkward angle)!

Day two: Cuff it. This refers to cuffing your pant leg or sleeve. It was FREEZING this day, so I left my sleeve down, but it could've been cuffed! Denim jeans and black sweater.

Day three: Copy a celebrity. I scoured Pinterest for my celebrity fashion inspiration... Katie Holmes, Kate Beckinsale, Princess Kate, and Rachel Bilson (all brunettes: like me!). In the end, I settled for this Rachel look. Black/white striped sweater and black leggings. I wore flats for the picture but changed into boots because it was freezing again! It's casual, but it works. My hair is a bit rough (my hair is a little too think for those kinds of pigtails!) and it was really early in the morning when this photo was taken #keepingitreal
Day four: Mix color families. I combined neutrals (black pant, beige tee) with a hot pink scarf (bright) and wore my denim jacket as a completer piece. See how I tied my scarf? Check that out here.

Day five: Add a scarf. This was a casual, run errands kind of day for me. I kept it simple with denim jeans, a white tee, black cardigan, my fake "Toms" from Wal-Mart, and a light pink/black/white patterned scarf that I got at a scarf exchange at Christmas. I also paired my "Southern Girl" trucker hat because a)it was a casual day, and b)my hair was rougghhh.
Day six: My favorite from the week! This prompt challenged us to combine color, texture, pattern, and shine in an outfit. WHEW. My color/pattern/texture came from my red and black knit scarf. The material it is made out of is super stretchy and moldable (?), so it looked great paired with a simple black tunic. I wore my red pants and nude flats, and used my jewelry as the "shine" aspect.

Day seven: Define the waist. I wasn't too sure about this prompt, but I read via Caitlin (@GTR) to use a completer piece (jacket) or belt, so I used both. Not my favorite, but at least I can say I did it.

Day 8: Add sparkle and shine to a daytime outfit. I used a statement necklace to achieve this requirement, and they are so fun to dress up/down! I paired the necklace with a grey tunic and black leggings. It was 70 degrees yesterday, so we soaked up the sunshine at a local meadery after church ("mead" is like wine but made with honey). 

So did any of you participate? It's been a challenge, but the girls and I think it has made our getting ready in the morning process a little bit quicker and easier. The prompts are definitely pushing us out of our comfort zone as well! New outfits never hurt nobody ;) Leave a comment and let me know which look/prompt is your favorite! Is there a prompt you could try out this week?

Have a great week!

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  1. I really like your Pinspired look - it's very classic. That lace tunic is gorgeous!

  2. I love the idea of the daily challenge! And I loved your textured scarf - so cute!

  3. Ah! So fun. I'm so proud of you for getting your girlfriends in on the challenge, too. Excited to see what y'all come up with over the next couple of weeks! :)


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