Sunday, August 22, 2010

1st Week of Kindergarten

The first week has been a blast!

We started on a Wednesday (which I am forever grateful because I was dead tired by Friday). My kids are super quiet in the morning, I suppose they are still sleepy, but we dance and sing to get our blood moving, and then they head to P.E. around 8:55 and get even MORE adrenaline. This is where I spend the rest of the day trying to get them still. Ha! Oh, 5 year olds.

We did intro activities: a self portrait of ourselves on the first day, the Kissing Hand (if you do not know this story, read it! Super sweet), letter songs, and of course, Chicka Chicka boom boom. I'll take pictures of the projects we have done and post them up here. They are adorableee.

Thursday was my first experience with a Catholic Mass. Thank goodness I had 3 extra adults on hand to sit with my class (although starting this next Thursday, it will just be me and my aide to control SEVENTEEN 5 year olds during an hour-long Mass service: should be interesting). I'm glad I have the first one under my belt now. I know what to expect. We'll see how that goes too!

I'm really enjoying my class so far. Although by Friday, a few of them were showing their "true" colors ;) I think it's going to be a really fun year!

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