Monday, August 2, 2010

First Home: Bedroom Intro

Today, I'm going to introduce you to our bedroom.

Mmm... it's a mixture of blues and deep chocolate browns, with a bit of cream thrown in for kicks. I adore this color combination. It is so relaxing and peaceful, kind of like I'm at a spa... (too much? no?)

This is standing in the middle of our bedroom looking out into our kitchen. There are white steps that go down into our bedroom. You can see the beautiful light blue (Benjamin Moore's First Snowfall) pop against the white trim (I'm ALL about white trim). We added brown/glass sconces on either side of the door to give more pizazz.

We have doors that lead out into our backyard (really it's just one door and the other is a fake door... Oh tricky, tricky contractors. We added dark brown blinds to give us privacy (and there is a perfect spot for Chloe to peek out of during the day). I added a deep chocolate brown curtain as well... Isn't it lush against the light blue and white? Mmm...

Our bedding... Oh, our bedding, our bedding. Target, circa 2009... a wedding gift I begged my mom to buy because it was on clearance, which everyone knows to mean that it is about to be discontinued. Luckily, she purchased it and the two throw pillows. The top throw pillow (blue w/brown detail) is from Bed, Bath, and Beyond (another fave location). We are needing two bedside tables: we want them to be the same structure and color, but different layout/set-up... I found THE perfect ones at Target (one for $90 and one for $100... just not sure if I can bring myself to it)! We already purchased our bedside lamps from Ikea for a whopping $15 (I think). Nate already has a stand-in bedside table until we purchase some... Chloe's crate, baha.

Another shot of my bedroom paradise. I want to make a headboard OR have a wall of curtains behind the bed (I saw the idea on under their "Our Crib" section. It is beautiful!) We will see what I come up with.

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