Thursday, September 23, 2010

Antiquing, Part 1

One of the neatest parts about living in a small town are all of the cute shops that are in your area. Sure, we don't have a Target, Hobby Lobby, or Gap closer than an hour away, but we have some perks.

Point: Evelyn's Antiques

This little gem is on the main road when you drive into Schulenburg. It looks small on the outside, but it has a plethora of goodies on the inside. I went after work today to peruse, but it looks like I will have to head back with the hubster tomorrow for approval of a few items. I should've taken pictures... Ugh, it's always an after-thought with me. I need to get better :)

1. Old window shutter
At Evelyn's, on the front porch, there is an old window shutter that is a mix between green/jade/turquoise. Of course, it is distressed and shows its age well. I really want to hang it in our foyer/mudroom for pictures/last minute notes/reminders right by the door. And the $10 price tag isn't too shabby (I'm sure that at flea markets and other places, it would be less... but I'm not complaining)!

2. Vintage sheet music
I think it's from the '20s and '30s! So classy and fun to see. I think I would want to put them in a frame and hang them above our piano... Originally, I had wanted to do this same project, but with the songs played at our wedding (and I still may do that: having a musical husband allows for musical decor), but the dates on these pieces of sheet music are fantastic.

3. Window frames
Again, distressed and fabulous. Not sure what I would do with them, since our decor is modern with a hint of traditional, and a few craftish items here and there. I think they would look great hanging on an empty wall, just as themselves. $12... I think.

4. Glass jars/canisters
They have so many! Of all sizes, colors, shapes. Perfect for a tablescape or grouping on a shelf. I saw two gorgeous brown glass containers, about a foot tall, with cork tops. Would look FANTASTIC on the shelving in our dining room. Hmm...

5. Two vintage chairs
They are disgustingggg. Will definitely need to get re-upholstered. But the shape is gorgeous. And there are TWO of them, exactly the same, and they already have a home in my living room under our European alcoholic ads :) And at $55/each, it is a fantastic price... Just need to see if there is an upholsterer in Sburg.

6. Various furniture for foyer/mudroom
Tables... dressers... desks... There are about 5 that have caught my eye and would look GORGE in the foyer/mudroom. I'm just TOO thrifty and I don't want to cough up the money. But we need to start buying "real" furniture... Everything can't come from Ikea ;)

So there you have it. Tomorrow, hopefully, I will have a post of my purchases? Please? Nathan? Are you listening? Kthanksbye :)

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