Monday, September 27, 2010

Warrenton, Warrenton, Warrenton! (and Dollar General)

Did I mention this post is about Warrenton, TX?

For anyone who lives in South Central Texas, this is an AMAZING place to go for antiques, furniture, puppies, accessories, random junk, etc. For all my Dallas/East Texas friends, this is like Canton times 5.4 billion. It goes for MILES.

Bonnie and I went this weekend and we picked up quite a few treasures.

1. Yellow end table
I purchased the cutest yellow end table for $35. It has a glass top with yellow legs and it has been distressed. It looks super cute in the guest bedroom :)

2. White window shutter
$5! The one I saw at Evelyn's was $10 so YAY for a cheaper find! Although now I don't like where I originally intended to put it... Embarrassed.

3. Gorgeous glass jars
I found the BEST mason jars! Large ones at that, for $2 and $5, holler. Then I found this fun shape glass jar with a rusty lid, and it looks so cute on our dining room "buffet". $5!

4. Stenciled "J" sign
$5. I like the letter "J". It is a fun addition to the Johnson home :)

5. A Kindergarten Religion book from 1958
I thought it was appropriate seeing my current job sitch :) and it was $1! Wahoo!

Sunday I took a trip to the good ol' Dollar General in the Burg and purchased two lamps ($24 total) for our dining room "buffet". I also bought more fall decorations... blush... I filled two of my new mason jars with leaves, and I added little pumpkins and gourds around the house for some fall fun. Did anyone else LOVE the fall weather today? Yes please :)

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