Sunday, October 24, 2010

Classroom Projects

During this fall season, my class has been working on some fun hallway displays to showcase their learning! Take a look!

We created apple trees with construction paper, and used our thumbs to stamp "apples" in the tree and apples on the ground. We added them together (which reinforced joining two parts to add): Apples on the ground, apples on the tree, how many apples are there for me?

One week, we learned about nocturnal animals. We created bats out of construction paper and made a Venn diagram to compare bats to birds. We also discussed comparing and contrasting. (I also have NO clue why this picture is off-centered... grrr...)

We created a fun hallway display after our field trip to a local farm. We painted pumpkins with watercolors, created personalized scarecrows with construction paper, and added black crows for our scarecrows to scare away!

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