Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Fashion

Fashion Fall Wishlist :)

THESE boots in Cognac Leather. I saw them on Erika's website after she did a post about all of the types of boots she has. As SOON as Texas decides to be cool/cold, I am pulling out skinny jeans and my new boots! I hopefully will receive them as a Christmas or birthday present, although that fact doesn't matter because they are a day apart :)

courtesy of
Speaking of skinny jeans, being such a weird body type (small thighs, a bit o'junk in my trunk) it is IMPOSSIBLE to find jeans that fit in the waist, rear, and thigh correctly. They are either too big or too snug in one of those three areas. That is why I'm so glad these jeggings were invented. 

Short post, but fun nonetheless. I'm cooking pumpkin seeds for my kiddos tomorrow! We (as in me) carved a pumpkin today and they pulled out the seeds. Tomorrow, we will eat the seeds and create a graph showing if we liked the seeds or not. They are smelling yummy! Pumpkin seeds + melted butter + Lawry's seasoned salt = muy delicioso.


  1. CUTE boots! Love the color. And the jeggings. SO CUTE.
    By the way, if yall ever have kids.. when you're pregnant, jeggings save your life.


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