Saturday, December 4, 2010

DIY Advent Calendar

Hello all! Happy holidays! So, so glad it is officially December and the month of Christmas! Us December babies l-o-v-e this time of the year.

This year, I decided to create an advent calendar to countdown to Christmas. I've seen lots of variations of advent calendars all over blog-land, and there are SO many different ways to create one! Ones with gifts, bible verses, pictures, etc. I wanted to create an advent calendar that has a different "Christmas-y" thing to do each day. I think it will be really fun- especially when we start having kids!

First off, I cut 25 squares in different neutral colors (with pops of red). I cut pieces of twine measuring about 1 foot-ish, just long enough to wrap around the square. One dot of hot glue in the middle to secure!

I did that to all 25 squares, then hot glued them all (one dot in each corner) to a piece of cardboard (twine sticking out).

Earlier, I had typed out my 25 "Christmas-y" things to do and cut them in strips. I used photo sticker squares to stick the strips to my colorful squares...

The purpose of the twine is to tie each strip like a little "present"... also to hold down the paper, because it kept sticking out! I think it looks adorable... like 25 little presents just waiting to be opened for Christmas fun (cheesey? no? oh well)!

Since today is Dec. 4, the 4th box is opened. Our fun thing to do: look back at Christmas pictures from previous years! It is always fun to reminisce...

Easy. A little tedious. But super cute. Happy holidays!

I linked up at Tatertots and Jell-O along with all sorts of Christmas fun! Check it out!


  1. So cute! What were some of the other fun things to do? I would love to do this, but am afraid I would have a hard time coming up with timeless traditions. But you're right- kids would love it!

  2. What a great idea! I'll have to steal this next year. We're making things for my fam (and some other people) this year for Christmas, so I'm up to my eyeballs in crafts--but I love it!


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