Monday, December 6, 2010

Simple and EASY Christmas Wreath

This is officially the EASIEST wreath you will ever make. Simple.

First, go to your nearest HobLob or ornament supplier and buy a big ol' thang of ornaments! This had about 35, I think. You could always purchase various ornaments... but this whole thing was $5. So... your choice :) This package had ornaments that were the same size, but you could definitely throw in larger and smaller sizes as well. I stole borrowed this idea from Sarah @ ThriftyDecorChick, just looky here!

Before I even started creating the wreath, I took Sarah's advice and hot glued EVERY topper to the ornament. Just put a round glob o' glue around the topper and pray the topper stays on. I didn't have this problem, but Sarah said they WILL fall off if not hot glued. I took her advice and it was a-okay for me!

Next, you need a wire hanger. Preferably one that will let you bend/twist it. We mainly use plastic hangers, but we had a few wire ones from the dry cleaners. These were not very bendy... Therefore, you will also need a hot/strong husband combination who will partake in your crafting schemes. Love that man! You need to untwist the top of it to make it straight. This is where you will mold your wreath by creating a circle/oval/whatever shape you want your wreath to be. Obviously, circle/oval is the way to go. 

After messing fixing your wire, this is where the easy/fun begins! String on those ornaments! Any color/size order, and then you can twist and shape it as they go on. I had a combination of glittery/shiny/patterned ornaments, so I just created a pattern as I strung them on. 

Once your done, get your hot/strong husband to twist the wires shut to enclose the circle-shaped wreath.

Voila! Easy. Cute. Affordable. Doable.

I didn't like the white wire showing through the ornaments, so I bought some gold/red ribbon to "wind" through the ornaments (also known as shoving ribbon here and there to cover up the wire). I also used that same ribbon to tie a loop (which is where the wreath hangs from the wreath hanger).

I spray-painted a wooden "J"  to hang in the middle, and it is so adorable! If I were to do this project again, I would add a)varied ornament sizes, and b)a few red ornaments. My ribbon has a splash of red in it, so it works (our Christmas decor is reds and yellows).

Pardon the iPhone photo, but this is what the wreath looks like with the other Christmas ambiance around it lit up at night. It's so purdy :)

Head over to Sarah's blog to check out other GREAT Christmas decorating ideas!

Advent calendar to-do today: Mail Christmas cards (that is, if Wal-Mart has them ready)!


  1. I tried one last year and it was awful, this looks GREAT!

  2. I have no clue why I haven't seen that you have a blog until now. Where have I been?!?! I'm here now though!

    I love your wreath! I might have to do this next year. ;)

  3. I also was inspired by tdc to do this wreath! Good idea adding the j... I attempted mine when my hubby wasn't home unfortunately, b/c I definitely could've used some back up muscle. Twisting the wire closed at the end about killed me!!! :)

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog and following me! I have had my blog for awhile but I really want to start getting into blogging more! I am following you as well!
    I love Willow Tree for that exact reason, they are so simple yet gorgeous! and the moose ornament i HAD to have. I try not to buy ornaments since i have TONS that I got from my mom when i left home, but there are ones you just HAVE to have any this was one of them, he's just too cute to leave behind!

  5. Thanks for the comment! I was SO excited when she said she bought that, I couldn't believe it and she didn't even know that I wanted it!! Such a great suprise and something I will defiantly remember whenever I get it out every year which is what I love about getting things like this. It's so much better than buying it for yourself!

  6. that looks so cute! I'll have to try one next year!


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