Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Kindergarten Activities

I am back (from my last post here discussing school and my ideas, many of which came from April Larremore) WITH PICTURES to share a few of the many holiday activities we did in our class this week!

We illustrated Christmas trees and went on a "hunt" for ornaments: "Shiny ornaments given to me, how many are on the tree?" Number identification, 1-1 correspondence, sorting/classifying, and counting skills.

We also used foil as a pretend cookie sheet and created an addition problem with two different types of "cookies": "Holiday cookies on my tray, how many will I eat today?" Addition skills, counting skills, sorting/classifying.

Using the students' hands, we traced and colored to look like Santa! Actually, it's easier with paint, but alas, our school's paint supply (and my own) was slim. Also, the students' made a pattern around the border (AB, ABB, AAB, etc).

One day that we were doing snowman activities, we made snowman heads and created a sentence about what our snowman could do. Next, the students' cut each word into its own rectangle and put the sentence back in order. The words colored in yellow are word wall words. I thought these turned out adorable (and I also was able to leave them up on the walls once I left for Christmas break because snowman = winter = staying up in January!)

This one is just for fun/looks in your classroom! Each student (and myself) created a stocking and we hung them around our door frame! It was fun to see each students' interpretation of a Christmas stocking :)

REINDEER TOAST! Yum-O! My students' love fun snacks and anything involving FOOD on the CARPET?! How fun! We talked about sequence as we made our fun snack: gotta love that integration!

What have you done to celebrate the holiday season?

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