Friday, December 17, 2010


Yes, I finally have reached the epic point in a teaching year... CHRISTMAS VACATION! We all have been waiting for this day since August :)

... hence why I haven't posted in almost two weeks! This week was "review", ahem fun holiday activities with my kiddos! Each day was a different theme with various activities integrating literacy and mathematics. I took pictures, but... umm... I'm lazy to upload. I know, WORST blogger ever.

Lots of the ideas that I used are on my cooperating teacher (from student teaching)'s blog: her name is April Larremore. Even if you don't teach, but you have kids and are looking for fun activities, there are all SORTS of amazing ideas she has!

As far as home life and decor/crafting have gone, it has been a whole lotta nothing... Getting my kids' ready for holiday activities and programs has been my focus since before Thanksgiving! Now that all of that is taken care of and finished, I am back on fun home improvement and fun times with the hubs. Of course, all of these things will be updated on the good ol' blog (as soon as I get enough motivation to upload pictures)!

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