Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday Favorites

Here's another installment of Friday Favorites :)

Enough said. It was one of those weeks at school. We didn't get our spring break... and we probably could have used it. Ours starts on Good Friday... About a month away... So I was very thankful for 3:30pm on Friday afternoon.

2. Uncle Sam. We received our tax refund yesterday!!! WAHOO! Needless to say, many jobs will be getting done around the house :) Stay tuned!

3. Secrets from a Stylist. I watched "Design Star" and I was totally rooting for Emily the entire time. Now that she has her own show, of course I watch it too! It's one of my top 3 favorites on HGTV because her show is ALL about styling and decorating: not like the other HGTV shows that have personal carpenters to build amazing pieces... like I could ever do anything like that in real life. So Emily, I thank ya :)

4. The HTC Android Inspire phone. YES, Nate and I traded in the ol' iPhone for an Android! We are so STOKED about this phone. We went back and forth between this phone and the iPhone 4G. They basically have the same capabilities (my essentials: calling/text capabilities, Facebook, e-mail, camera/video, map/navigation system), only the iPhone is laid out more simply (and more boring, snore). This phone is so sleek and sophisticated, so technologically savvy. It rocks. ANDDD I can check my blogs on it MUCH more easily and quickly! That's always a plus.

5. My husband. He's awesome. He takes care of me. He teaches me how to be a grown up. He loves me unconditionally. He makes me laugh. He is awesome. Love him.

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  1. Sad about Spring Break!! I guess it is different for everyone- we had ours but will not have another break until we get out for summer. I would LOVE Good Friday!

    Your new blog look is awesome! So cute!


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