Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some Manly Projects

Nate has been one busy beaver.

Two manly projects he has conquered:

a)installing a ceiling fan: he called our electrician to do it, but one night he went for it and GOT IT DONE. It was a smidge scary because all over the instruction manuals, it basically says "do this wrong and you'll get seriously injured or die". Um, what. Thanks electricity. AND Nate is color blind... so hooking up the blue wire to the green wires and NOT the black wires... yeah, that was a good time too... But enough of that, he got it done AND it hasn't fallen yet! Hooray!

b)fixing up our guest bathroom closet. This part of our house is from the '50s, and when the owner before us fixed it up, they pretty much skimped on this area. Thanks. So there were lots of cracks in the drywall and the musty scent from the attic was invading our entire front portion of the house. Yuck. Nate used tape and mudding to patch up these spots, and then used textured spray paint to spray over the area. A little bit of sanding and new paint: the closet will look pretty slick.

It is so exciting to a DIY man in the house! I'd like to think I'm handy too... but I'm not. It's not my gift. I'll stick to organizing, arranging, and decorating :)

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