Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Favorites

What I have been enjoying this week!

1. Five Ingredient Fix
Claire Robinson hosts "5 Ingredient Fix" on Food Network and it is RIGHT up my alley. If you know me but at ALL, I am an extremely picky eater. Therefore, I don't cook that often. Nate is more of the chef in our house- I prepare the "sides". This show is super interesting, and it's awesome to see what dishes she comes up with using only FIVE ingredients! My kind of cooking. Simple and delicious.


2. Dog Groomers
As you know, we have two dogs. Chloe, a short hair Jack-Russell Terrier (and low-maintenance on the grooming front). In December, we received Oliver, a shih tzu (who is extremely HIGH maintenance with grooming). He is supposed to be a lap dog, but he thinks he can do the same things as Chloe. Therefore, he's been playing and romping in the yard and getting all sorts of burr's and other outdoor-ness stuck in his fur. It got really matted, so it was time to get him groomed. They cut him superrr short, but we really like it and we think he will look like this from now on!



3. Emily Giffin and her book, "The Heart of the Matter"
Just purchased this book from Emily Giffin, my 5th purchase of her books. They aren't a series (well, the first two are, but then the rest of the books are their own stories- some of the characters may pop up in other stories though). Her books all look the exact same on the cover, just different colors (same font, style, etc). They are so good! Her first book, "Something Borrowed" is becoming a movie. Can't wait!
4. Handy Husbands
We FINALLY purchased a TV for our bedroom. Hooray! No more yelling at Nate to come to bed: he can finally watch TV in our room while I fall asleep! Yes, you may call me lame, but I like going to sleep with Nate by my side. He keeps my feet warm! :) Now, he has no excuse to not come to bed when I do. It is a flat screen so he actually hooked up the wall mount to the wall and the TV to the wall mount ALL by himself. Both those suckers are pretty heavy, but he did it! So proud of my handyman!

5. Spring Break!
'nuf said :) No work until May 2nd!!!

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