Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oops- Why Can't I Keep Up?

My bad, I have completely neglected Candle of the Month! Let me play catch up :)

March: Once again, I hit up Hobby Lobby for this  candle. According to the website, it is a terrible candle because it didn't fill the room with scent... but it works in our house, so I'm not quite sure what that person is talking about. The scent is pineapple and grapefruit, by Darsee & David, of course in a jar. Yummy.

April: This candle is already burned out-because we have used it constantly in the month of April! It is by the lovely people at WoodWick. Have you heard of these candles? The wick is wood (clever), and it flutters/crackles like a campfire! So awesome and pretty. At the beginning of the month, my lovely friend Sam came in town and we went to a cute little shop in the town next to us. We each purchased one of these candles. My choice: Fresh Persimmon, hers: Aegean Sea (I think? It was in a pretty blue tin and smelled DIVINE). I highly HIGHLY recommend these!

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