Thursday, September 22, 2011

What's In My Teacher Bag!

Abby at The Inspired Apple is having a linky party where teachers share what is inside their traditional "Teacher Bag": you know you have seen ALL teachers carry their version! Here's mine :)

Good ol' black and white tote bag. From Dollar General for $4! Pretty sturdy for a cheap-o inexpensive bag!

A big stack of student work to "grade" (Kinder at my school does not do number grades for each subject, rather we have a developmental report card where the student receives an S for satisfactory or an N for needs time to develop). I give out check marks and smiley faces :)

Teacher manuals, of course, to do lesson planning when I think about it :)

My handy dandy lesson plan book. Yes, I type out my lessons for each week, but I like to hand write them first!

A peek inside :)

A small journal for ideas and note taking (although I carry my planner and TWO notepads in my purse for lists and whatnot)

My adorable lunch bag with a monogrammed "J" from a 31 party (a gift from a student at the end of the year last year) and of course a Tervis tumbler cup for my ice water each day!

What's in your bag? Head over to The Inspired Apple to check others!


  1. I have the lunch bag too! But mine is too small for most of my lunches (although maybe that means I'm packing too much!). Love your blog! I'm a new follower :)

    Living A Wonderful Life

  2. Cute bag and super cute PRICE! Love that lunch bag too, what a great gift! Here is my bag


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