Monday, September 19, 2011

Make: Canvas Art

Today's craft project was inspired by some letter tiles (kind of like Scrabble tiles but not) that I have had for about 6 months. It was time to create a project!

Here are my supplies. One small canvas, black and brown paint (to make a charcoal grey color), paintbrush, letter tiles, and photo of Nate and I.

I trimmed my picture to fit the canvas and played with the layout of how I wanted it to look.

I used a mixture of black and brown to paint my canvas a charcoalish grey color.

Immediately after painting, I laid my picture down and used my paintbrush to create a sort of stippling effect around the border of my picture, almost giving it the effect that the canvas and picture are one.

I used wood glue to apply my mini-wooden letter tiles to my canvas.

And ta-da! A cute little canvas with cute little letter tiles with two cute people! Baha.

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