Monday, September 19, 2011

New Blog Series

I'm trying to get this blog a wee-bit more organized, trying to find my niches to blog about so it isn't all sorts of random. Of course I will blog about Nate and I, the pups, our families, and daily lives. But I also want to have a structured time line of things to post about! So here is the schedule:

Monday: Make It Monday, where I will share a craft/project

Tuesday: Teach It Tuesday, where I will share Kindergarten things from my classroom

Wednesday: What I Wore Wednesday, where I will share a fashion post

Thursday: Things for the Home Thursday, where I will share a home decor/organization/storage/etc. tip

Friday: Food for Friday, where I will share a recipe from the week!

The weekends will be freebie days, where it will be random :) but also awesome!

Here's hoping that I can stick to that schedule!

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  1. Sounds like a great plan- I have been trying to narrow my posts too.... but right now I am mainly focusing on EA :) Looking forward to your posts!


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