Thursday, September 22, 2011

Things: Closet Organization

It's funny. The past two days, Nate has received not one, not two, but THREE Women's Day magazines addressed to him. Awkward... Anyways, I've made out like a bandit with these freebie mags because they have some great ideas in them!

I read a little gem this afternoon about closet organization. Our closet is hugeee, but we have tons of clothes that we definitely haven't worn in 6+ months.... So to tame that nonsense...

Hang your clothes backwards! 

Each time you wear something, turn it the correct direction (which signifies that you DO wear it and often). At the end of 6 months, look at the clothes that are still hanging backwards and re-evaluate if you need that in your wardrobe or not.

Simple tip, but those who are wanting a more organized closet with a lot less clutter (and a lot less of what you don't even wear) this is a good idea!

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