Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Maxi Dress! Maxi Dress!

Can you tell I'm excited? My favorite sewing project is today: a maxi dress!

See projects #1 and #2 here (Again, if you want to know how to make your own lovely maxi dress: go to the links featured!)

As we all know, maxi dresses are "it" right now. And especially since I'm going on a cruise in 5 DAYS, I'd figure now is a great time to learn how to sew one!

Enter Pinterest, A Small Snippet, and Talk 2 The Trees.

I followed portions from both tutorials: one uses an elastic thread for the waist and the other doesn't (main difference). I didn't have any elastic thread on hand, so regular thread it is! For regular thread, you have to ruffle your fabric and make the waist smaller. When the entire dress is completed, you have to sort of "work" your way into it (over your head). However, my, um, chest, isn't that large, so it was pretty easy to put it on.

I found this fabric (again, at Walmart for a steal... can't remember the price though) and I had an old black tank top from before college. Black and green are cute together: paired with a chunky necklace and you've really got something! Snip snip, sew sew, maxi dress. Plus sash.

Before the sash and hem were done... Nice photo taking skills Nate... cough, cough. You can tell he's laying on the couch b/c you can see his foot... Nice.

And ignore the clothes on the floor, pillows behind me, and overall fact that this picture is taken in horrible lighting/location. STILL holding out for that XL Ikea mirror!

I started this project at 11:20pm one night and got in bed around 1am. Nate thinks I'm crazy.

So what do you think (about the dress, not about my sanity)? Are you a fan of the maxi dress? Because I am!


  1. i cannot believe you made that! wow! i am so impressed! you did an incredible job.

    and i love maxi dresses!!! if i could create my own i would be in maxi dress heaven!

  2. you did such a great job!! I have that tutorial pinned and want to make it this summer. You are awesome!!! I love the fabric you picked too!

  3. Oh my goodness Chrissy...I LOVE it!! It looks like it came from LOFT or Express! You are so seriously made this in under two hours? Bowing down to you right now! You need to start an Etsy shop....please :)

  4. Wow! Fabulous dress and it looks so great on you! Makes me want to attempt to make one!

  5. i wish i could sew my own dress!! it definitely makes me want to learn how.


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