Tuesday, July 17, 2012

When Foam Brushes Aren't Around...

Improvise! Again, I was working on art for Nate's office, so I purchased two canvases from Hobby Lobby for $7.99 but with a 40% off coupon, I paid a lot less.

Two canvases...

But I had no foam brushes to use! That is my favorite type of brush to use on canvas and they're usualy .99 for five of them, so I just chunk 'em once I'm done. I need to restock my inventory! So I immediately improvised. Squirted my first color (on this canvas, a light blue)...

Added a bit of brown...

And used a paper towel! I crumbled it up and started mixing the paint, spreading it around everywhere.

Worked like a charm! Light blue with a small bit of brown makes a seafoam greenish/blueish that is just beautiful... In a few of these pictures, it looks grey. But it's not.

(This picture below shows a closer match to the actual color) Unfortunately, your hands get messy. And due to my OCD tendencies, I do not like to get my hands dirty. Hmph.

So when I moved to the next canvas, I went a bit further with my supplies and put on a rubber glove (like doctors use... my dad works for a hospital supply company, so we get stocked with various supplies that prove to be convenient in times like these)! My hands stayed clean and I was a happy gal.

So for canvas #2, I used a bit of black and white... 

 Mixed with my "paint brush" er, paper towel to make a beautiful light grey.

 My paints, if you were wondering :)

 And my beautiful canvases all painted pretty-like.

I used my Silhouette to cut out the letters on a sheet of vinyl and used it as a stencil. Stuck well, peeled off well, not much bleeding except for when I used the wrong color for "and" at the bottom. Oh well, comes with being an "original" :)

Finished product!

Looks modern and Nate really likes it, of course! I did another verse on the blue/green canvas (inspired by an Etsy find)!

Happy Tuesday! We are having a blast in Kansas: can't wait to share next week when we return! If you'd like up-to-date... updates, for lack of a better phrase, follow Everyday with the Jays on Facebook or me on Instagram (chrissydj). Have a great day!


  1. this turned out soooo good! i love it! i really want to try my hand on something you've created on here. can't get over how crafty you are!

  2. I LOVE it Chrissy! You are the most creative person ever. Every single project you do turns out perfectly. Those colors are SO great together. Glad you guys are having a great time in Kansas! Buy you some ruby red slippers :)

  3. I would have thought AND was on purpose. Makes forever & ever stand out. Very nice.

  4. I would have thought AND was on purpose. Makes forever & ever really stand out. Shhh! Keep this mishaps to yourself. We'd never know.
    Very nice!!

  5. Shhh!! Keep those mishaps to yourself. I would have thought AND was on purpose since it makes forever & ever really stand out. Very nice!!


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