Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Make: DIY Camera Strap

We are having an amazing time in Kansas this week! However, today I am here to talk business with you. Camera strap business. I was ready to get my ugly, factory standard Canon strap outta here! I found this amazingly simple tutorial at Mom 4 Real through a blog link party! That's why we share ladies, sharing is caring :) I won't give the tutorial, head to Jessica's blog to get the instructions!

I used my skirt fabric for the ruffle... Her tutorial says to make a 5" width on your ruffle but that was h-u-g-e and I had to trim it multiple times for it to look right on the strap. Unless I just misread the instructions, which is very likely!

And leopard print fabric for the strap...

You HOT GLUE (amazing) the ruffle to the strap...

Ick. Ugly Canon strap.

I used some of my April wreath rosettes (and I made a few extra with the black fabric) to attach to the strap for added flair (with hot glue again)...

Pull your adorbs strap over your ugly strap...

Pretty! Ready to take pictures in style.

I put it on and I had an appropriate t-shirt on... the arrow is pointing to the strap! Ha!

Instagraaammm (chrissydj)

Who else has a camera strap? I've seen some cute ones on Etsy but I am cheap like to make my own things, so voila! Happy Wednesday!


  1. SO cute!! I love it! Totally gonna make one....makes that boring old strap come to life!

  2. Loving all of the different fabrics that you added to the strap! It really spruces up your camera!

  3. how creative are you!! wishing i had a sewing machine now to make such a cute strap. i need one for my camera, the strap is looking a little bland

  4. so cute!! i love it!! I made a camera strap in pink and white and now my husband doesn't want to wear/use it!

  5. So cute! We got a new camera last week- I think it might need a new strap to dress it up :)

  6. That is so cute, absolutely love it!


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