Wednesday, November 21, 2012

[love] UT Game with Nate! #13

13. Attend a UT game with Nate: Hook 'em, Horns!
Completed November 10, 2012

Another 30 before 30 item done and done!

I was so excited when our associate pastor of worship/outreach offered to take Nate & I to a UT game in Austin! He played for the Longhorns in the late 80s/early 90s, so he was able to take us to a couple of "behind the scenes" areas, as well as hook us up with some awesome seats in the end zone.

A little history: UT stands for the "University of Texas", their mascot is the Longhorns, and their colors are burnt orange/white. I am about 99% sure that everyone should know who they are, but you never know! I was actually accepted to UT when I applied for college and was **this close** to attending. My brother, who is three years older than me, was a Longhorn and graduated from there with an English degree. He told me that I could come, but he really thought I wouldn't like it because it is so big. I eventually went to DBU, obviously, which was the PERFECT choice for me, but I still adore my Longhorns and we are definitely a Longhorn family!

Check out our day of fun at the game!

Our seats were in this end zone! So fun!

The players coming out of the tunnel... 

The band! One of my favorites parts of football... that is the inner band nerd coming out of me! I played flute for seven years and marched in high school band for three of those years :) The band did a great halftime show in honor of Veteran's Day where they played each military branch song and morphed into a vehicle from that branch (army: tank, air force: plane, navy: sub- my favorite one)! They also honored Coach Royal who had passed away that week (he was the Longhorn coach for a longgg time and the field is named after him).

The mascots interacting with one another (they were playing Iowa State)

So neat being close to all the action!

UT has three cheer squads: an all girl squad (below), male/female squad (where they are partnered up to do partner stunts), and an all girl pom squad (dancers, if you will)! The squads rotated the field after every quarter, so it was fun to see all of that action too!

We were also next to the cannon... good NIGHT it was loud! The first couple of times they shot it off (during a score or kick off), we all thought we were going to have a heart attack! But by the end of the game, we were used to it!

After the game, walking through campus

We were walking behind some UT players! Aaahh! And we stopped to pose by some statues as well. Yep, TOURIST written all over us!

This is Coach Rucker, who is friends with our friend. We were able to enter the players building where all the trophies are displayed and we even went down to locker room level to check out the weight room. We didn't see the locker room (obviously: the players were in there!) but we saw a lot of players exiting the locker room... we even saw David Ash (the quarterback) from a distance!

Nate & Chad posing by the 2005 National Championship trophy.

Nate and I posing with the Heisman trophy from 1998 (Ricky Williams)

The 2005 National Championship trophy!!!

It was such a fun day: especially fun because the Longhorns won! We are hoping to go to at least one game a year from now on. When my brother and his wife come back to the States (they're teachers in S. Korea), we hope that we can go with them and my parents!

Have a wonderful Wednesday! Enjoy family time this week: we are en route to Nate's grandparents house for a day/evening filled with yummy food and jam sessions (they're all musicians)!

"Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18


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