Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Recap

I am jumping on the blogger bandwagon and doing a recap of my 2011 blog posts. I will be sharing the top post from each month (the post that received most comments, which, lets be honest, is like one or two... people, we all like getting comments)!

I shared about how disturbingly cold it was in Texas... 21 degree mornings, not okay with this Southern girl. Also, Oliver got a haircut and it was super adorable :)

I shared that my Kinder students were learning about duration of time and I posted their morning/afternoon/night timelines.

I joined a linky party that shared photo tours of classrooms: here's a wideshot of my classroom from last year!

Yes, another classroom post (hooray for teachers who share comments)! We were learning about the GREAT state of Texas and I shared all of the fun activities we did (created Texas animals, made a Texas book with our state symbols, created our state flag, and we even sampled Texas foods and graphed what we liked better)!

No picture for this post (I guess I was a bit busy in May and didn't share pictures...) but I posted about a stomach bug I had from one of my Kinder kiddos: this one student passed on a bug to me and eventually seven other kids!

We had a Pinterest Party! Wahoo (again, no photo)! We all shared each other's boards in the comment section so we could click and follow one another. Missed out on the fun? Leave your link in the comments section so you can get some new friends on Pinterest!

I shared my favorite thing (organizational-wise) about being a teacher, which is... labeling! Everything must have a label (and in a cute font too)! Many of you shared your favorite things in the comment section!

I shared my new classroom layout for the upcoming school year. Lots of photos in this one!

I shared some fashion inspiration I found via Pinterest for the fall weather: yay for boots and sweaters!



I received the Liebster blogger award from Kristen over at Life with the Ellwoods! So I awarded this to five bloggers myself!

I shared this AMAZING Lemon Crinkle Cookie recipe I found via Pinterest that we made for the Thanksgiving holiday. These are so good and yummy!

I shared my new winter coat that I received for my birthday from my parents. So warm and toasty, yet fashionable!

2011 was pretty full and a lot of crazy/whack things happened in it... BUT I am so very much looking forward to 2012! A new job position for Nate, finishing up the year with my Kinders, plus we have THREE weddings of close friends to attend... it's looking to be a great year!


  1. happy new year Chrissy and Nate! love this idea of sharing a picture a month and summing up your year...looks like you guys had a great one. your classroom is so cute! and those lemon crinkle cookies look AMAZING...about to go back to your November posts and get the recipe. Hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. i just love these 2011 reviews! 2011 was a sweet year for you! hope that 2012 is even better!

    happy new year!


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