Saturday, June 9, 2012

Photo a Day: Week Twenty Three

Everyday with the Jays

Time to share another set of photos from the week!

Saturday, June 2
While Nate went back to our house, I drove to my parents' house in Dallas. Enjoyed time home with my parents and their sweet fun cat, Pickle (was my brother's cat until he moved to S. Korea)

Sunday, June 3
The shower we hosted for my cousin and his bride-to-be (with my aunt and my mom)!

Monday, June 4
My mom, friend Emily, and her mom all headed to Waco to cheer on our respective universities in the Waco Regional Baseball Tournament (eventually leads to the World Series)! DBU lost but it was still fun :)

Tuesday, June 5
So much traveling... glad to be home sweet home with these three!

Wednesday, June 6
I may or may not have sewed another simple skirt :) Addicting! And in leopard print this time, fun and flashy!

Thursday, June 7
Getting ready for Vacation Bible School at our church! Nate and I are on the directing team for it: the theme is Sky (aviation theme). Everything is possible with God!

Friday, June 8
Back to Dallas! My friend from college is getting married this weekend, and my girls and I (who survived as were all education majors together) were in the house party :) This girl, Andrea, was my other half: as in, we had 99% of our classes together and our professors got us confused DAILY. Love her! And the rehearsal dinner was beautiful!

Saturday, June 9
Wedding day for Elyse! Andrea, Ashton, and I in our black dresses and orange flowers :) Ready to celebrate a beautiful marriage ceremony and fantastic reception! Congratulations to Elyse & Jeffrey!

Have a great weekend!!!

We will be sailing the Caribbean next week, so be looking for some random posts! And THENNNN I'll be gone to Florida (aww, darn) for a school conference the next week after that. Have a fantastic two weeks and I'll "see" you all soon!

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