Monday, June 11, 2012

Wedding Shower

I am sailing the Caribbean this week, so my posts will be random and sporadic. Enjoy!

This past Sunday, my mom, aunt, and I worked together to host a shower for my cousin (Josh) and his bride-to-be, Emily. I shared a post about ideas that I wanted to incorporate and another post about how I wanted to master "the pouf" for decorations. Now you get to see the real enchilada! Enjoy!

Table pre-goodies

Poufs. Conquered.

My mom purchased fabric from Hobby Lobby to make the table cloth. Their wedding colors are pink/purple/green, so we incorporated these colors throughout the table.

These green flowers were so fun!

Pink "candy sticks" (kind of sweet/pepperminty like a candy cane... but in a stick shape)

Cupcake stand! I made the cupcake toppers with an "S" for their last name. Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to make your own!

Close up.

The lovely bride! With all the food set out and ready to go. We had:
Pink lemonade in tall glasses w/pink straws
Fruit kabobs with grapes, pineapple, watermelon, and cantaloupe
Mini pigs in a blanket (YUMMM)
Veggies with ranch
Punch (orange sherbet, ginger ale, sprite)

The bride with her sister-to-be on the left (Josh's little sister, Sarah) and with her other sister-to-be (Josh's brother's- another cousin- girlfriend, who hopefully will get engaged to my cousin SOON so we can throw a shower for her!) Brittany. Did I confuse you enough?

The bride and groom 

Sign in table with guestbook and photos

Close up of table (after people started grabbin' snacks)

Yum yum! Party guests gettin' their grub on.

Getting ready to open gifts....

With the hostesses (my aunt Linda, cousin Josh, cousin-to-be Emily, ME in the skirt I sewed, my mom)

 Happy shower hosting! Is it me, or is your summer full of baby/wedding/lingerie showers? Wowza!


  1. awe this is so much fun!

  2. Everything turned out SO pretty! I love the cupcake toppers!

  3. I love how everything turned out! Such a pretty shower!

    You def conquered the poufs!!

    The cupcakes look incredible too, like they are from a bakery!

  4. Everything looks soo good! I'm loving the cupcake toppers and the poufs! They are both great touches:):) Those green flowers are oh-so-pretty!


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