Friday, May 30, 2014

[Friday Favorites] Backyards

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"Friday Favorites" is when I go through my Pinterest boards and share the things I have loved for a specific topic. This week's theme is BACKYARDS since summer is here! I am so ready to get the ball rolling with our backyard landscaping and turning it into a place where we can entertain this summer.

Here are five of my favorite ideas to incorporate into a backyard space this summer: use the links below to go to the image's source (please "pin" from the original source and NOT from my page)

[one] Use pallet boards and pavers to create an easy DIY bar 

[two] Use glow in the dark paint to naturally light up your walkway at night (from Residence Blog)

[three] Lights, small table with chairs, beautiful stone "floor": easy essentials for a backyard dining space (from Apartment Therapy)

[four] Use metal poles, galvanized buckets, and string lights to create whimsical lighting for your backyard space that is both practical and beautiful (from Martha Stewart)

[five] Create a fun way to show your family's favorite places to travel (this gal even makes them for you! visit her Etsy shop: from Fresh Picked Whimsy)

All of these ideas (and more) can be found on my Outdoor Living Pinterest Board. How about your backyard? Are you coming up with new and improved ideas to brighten up your space for summer? Do tell: I love me a good backyard idea!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

[travel] Round Top and Warrenton

Most likely, unless you are from South Texas, you have never heard of these two teeny tiny towns. However, twice a year, both of these towns populate well into the thousands. Why? Because of Antique Weekend! (click the link for more info) I have posted about Round Top and Warrenton before, sharing my steals and deals:

And Here

But during our last trip this spring, Nate and I did a bit more exploring in Round Top (of the actual town and buildings) than we normally do. Here are some snippets of our day...

 The beginning of Warrenton: the booths go for milesss and milesss.

The following pictures were taken in Round Top: there are also antique booths here, but not as widely spread as in Warrenton. We explored more of the town (pop: 90) and the buildings we hadn't seen before.

Oh. My. Yum.

Precious church in Round Top: Haw Creek Church built in 1871.

Isn't this a beautiful door? And look at the ceiling. Wow!

This book was on a desk at the back of the church... Look closely!

Dated 1898! And it wasn't behind a display case, which I thought was interesting. They are very trusting people! I believe it was a record book for goods purchased... cigars I think? I don't know.

German sign hanging in the church... the picture below this one gives details about the church's background and what the sign says. Unfortunately, the glare from the sunlight blocks out a part of the translation, but it mostly says, "____ call the living to the church and the dead to the grave."

Gorgeous pipe organ!

Nate and I want to go out of our comfort zones when we travel and explore the places we haven't been before... it is easy to go where you normally visit each time, but sometimes you need to go off the beaten path to see things you wouldn't normally see. We have been to Round Top MANY times but had never been inside this precious church.

How about you? Going on any day trips and exploring around you? Do tell (especially if you're in Texas: Nate and I love making day trips)!

Monday, May 26, 2014

[love] Dave Matthew's Band Concert #17

 17. Attend a Dave Matthews concert with Nate (we went to two of his concerts before Nate and I were married but haven't been to one since).
Completed Friday, May 16th, 2014 at the Cynthia Woods Pavilion in The Woodlands, TX

For Valentine's Day, I "surprised" Nate with tickets to see his favorite band ever in concert.

Okay, okay... so I actually told him that's what I wanted his present to be, and that he needed to go online to select seats and buy them. Ha! I mean, we share a banking account. He would've seen the purchase anyways. AND I wanted to make sure he got the seats he wanted!

So immediately after school that Friday, we made the 2 hour drive to The Woodlands to see Dave. This tour was different in that he would be doing an acoustic set along with his regular show. We weren't sure what this meant... would he perform acoustic/full band songs mixed together, or do acoustic first and then full band?

We quickly found out.

The concert started at 7pm and we got there around 7:15pm... Sun was still out (this was at an outdoor arena), people were milling about getting drinks and snacks... We went to the restroom as soon as we got in. Once coming out, we were greeted by Nate's cousin and his girlfriend (we weren't sitting with them, but met up with them just for a moment) who were exclaiming, "He's on!!! Dave's already ON!" We were so confused but immediately found our seats so we could watch and listen.

Normally, Dave has an opening act and then he comes on around 8:30ish. Not this time: his acoustic set was the opener. As in, HE WAS HIS OWN OPENER. I'm sorry, but I think only a boss does that.

It was such a good show! The sounds, the lights, the atmosphere. Wow. We would (and will) definitely see him again!

Memorial Day

Thank you to all of the veterans, past-present-future, who have/are/will protect our country and the freedoms we have. May God continue to bless you and your families. Thank you will never be enough, but we appreciate the sacrifices you make for us and our country.